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School for StartUps Romania (S4S) is the firs entrepreneurial school in Romania that aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs start successful businesses or grow the already existing ones.

School for Startups started in 2008 in the UK, at the initiative of D. Richard, serial entrepreneur and business angel investor. The over 10.000 startups in United Kingdom, which participated in School for StartUps United Kingdom, were joined this year (2012) by the first series of 170 students of School for Startups Romania (in Cluj Napoca and Bucharest), trained by Doug Richard and Marius Ghenea. With over 20 years experience in the development and management of technology and business software companies. Doug Richard has shown that entrepreneurship can and must be taught, giving participants real business lessons and practical methods for achieving succes in business. Thus, the largest community of entrepreneurs in Romania was foundedl S4S aims to become in 2012 the larges community of entrepreneurs in South-Eastern Europe, so the program will be held in Timisoara as well and it will address to entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe who are not Romania citizens, Therefore, in 2012 School for Startups will be held in 3 cities: Cluj Napoca, Timisoara and Bucharest.

S4S for startups is a one-year program which helps you in the initial risky stages of business where statistically you are more likely to fail. Over this period you will get tutoring, advice and guidance from D. Richard and Marius Ghenea and a host of guests speakers, who will help put your business on the right track.

school for startups RomaniaThe School for Startups is not like any other school program in the world. Is isn’t nout about classrooms. It is not about studying. S4s is not using textbooks. S4s is using a unique form of teaching called the Socratic Method which applies the key principies immediately to your idea business.

If you have not started yet your business, during this awesome program you will start and grow fast your business. If you are already develop your business, this program uses your business and helps you change it, make it much better, make it grow fast and make it more profitable.


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