Daqri’s Smart Helmet Hands On

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Latest gadgets were invented this year. Some are still prototypes, but others have already appeared on the market. People are very resourceful and the desire to invent as many things and the desire to get something new on the market , you get to invent things that you would not have ever thought .

Daqri’s Smart Helmet is an industrial device that projects important information in front of the eyes of the wearer. It doubles as a hard hat and safety goggles making it ideal for working with heavy machinery or in technical fields. Sarah Lane met with the Daqri team at CES to learn more.

The DAQRI Smart Helmet is a prototype in the works by a Los Angeles-based company who is approaching augmented reality from an industrial standpoint rather than a commercial one. It features thermal imaging, head tracking, motion sensing, pattern recognition, and much more. Daqri Smart Helmet bridges the gap between potential and experience by seamlessly connecting the worker to their environment and providing contextually relevant information that connects the individual to their industry.

DAQRI’s Intellitrack software represents the latest advancements in computer vision. Utilizing visual inertial navigation in conjunction with the most sophisticated sensor package ever created for augmented reality, Intellitrack uses the data from DAQRI Smart Helmet’s 360° navigation cameras and industrial-grade inertial measurement unit to create a complex mathematical model that understands how to avoid potential errors in tracking. This allows it the unique flexibility to avoid spatial placement errors and maintain contextual tracking anywhere.

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