Why are people so passionate about photography?

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Photographs were first presented as an art form in 1830’s, but they became fully recognized about ten years later. 

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine our lives without our childhood or wedding photos or without a camera fully available for us through our smartphones.

The passion for photography is one of the largest shared hobbies of this world. The hardware alone has created a multi-billion industry, although not many people have heard about Camera Obscura, Shutter Speed or Henri Cartier-Bresson.

What makes people so fascinated by cameras and why does it seems like photography will never die?

Probably the common factor of the people who love cameras is their sensitivity that shapes the way they see the world. Taking pictures makes you look more closely to your surroundings, to seemingly unimportant details, often making you feel amazed and humbled. Taking photographs is a form of mindfulness, making you fully immersed in your work – and that’s a beautiful way to relax and disengage from daily stress.

A creative and skilled person can make an art form from almost anything: a leaf, a lake, a person or a city building. Sky is the limit of their imagination and the modern tools of photo-editing can transform almost any photograph into an artistic image with a clear concept or message.

The fact that photography can transform a plain ordinary surrounding into a marvelous form of art is something that amateurs and professionals are after. 

But when you’re not looking at the performance of your next shot, when you forget about showing off your beautiful pieces, something great is being revealed to you: that this world is beautiful in its every detail, crack and imperfection.

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