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A good photographer is always on top with the technology. He know the last camera which appear or the most interesting strategy to make an amazing photo. Today we present you the most intelligent cameras and some tips to take a good photo.

An interesting way to take a good pictures is capturing images in the dark. Also, you could make videos in the dark, but you need a special kind of camera with night-vision capabilities. Future cameras and imaging tech won’t need any such thing.

A camera which do this is Canon with a maximum ISO of 4,000,000 and with 35mm camera . The device can practically see in the dark, without any additional filters or enhancements. Canon’s camera should be able to capture vivid photos even in low-light environments.

A new camera concept called Iris is designed to merge two technologies namely eye-tracking technology and biometric detection which create a uniquely controllable camera via sensors. Essentially, it tracks your eye movement and allows you to snap a photo by blinking your eye twice. To zoom in on a subject, you can squint your eyes. To zoom back out, you just open them up again.


A lot of people are fascinated to take photos with Iphones. Simple pictures or slefies, all you can make with a smartphone like this. A few years aglo, an Iphone 4 took 5 megapixel (MP) pictures, and 3MP selfie pics. Now an iphone 6s can take 12MP pics and 5MP selfies. A big improvement in only a few years. So with a good smartphone you can take amazing pictures.

Whether you use a traditional point-and-shoot, DSLR, or a smartphone camera, you have to keep an eye on focus settings. In other words, it’s all about the subject and how you shift focus around it.

Lytro created a new type of camera using light-field technology that eliminates the need to worry about focus, at least while snapping a photo. You can capture the scene and then choose the focus later through editing. It all has to do with the premium quality zoom, lens, and sensors that the light-field cameras are equipped with. They take in absolutely everything within range.


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