Why do you need a Facebook page for your business?

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Social Media marketing has become increasingly important for digital marketers since the number of active users reached an almost miraculous milestone: over 1,44 billion people are monthly active users of Facebook in 2015.
Here’s some compelling reasons to start engaging with your customers via Facebook:
1. Targeted communication – your Facebook fans are already people who tried or plan to try your product or service, so whenever you communicate via Facebook, you know you’re addressing to a targeted “fan base”. Also, your Ads can be customized to target only specific, targeted group of people.
2. Increase brand’s awareness and loyalty – with Facebook, people can check-in at your location, give you positive ratings, and interact with you on a daily basis via messaging or reply to your posts. It’s a real-time communication between the brand and the customer, which can make your business seem more approachable, friendly, open (depending on your branding’s objectives). Also, your fans can share and like your posts, thus spreading the word about your products or services with their group of friends. The increased brand’s awareness and loyalty through a smart crafted social media marketing plan will shortly lead to more customers.

3. More traffic, more customers, more sales – Facebook is a great way to complete your inbound marketing plan, by sharing your blogposts or web pages. Successful inbound marketing strategies are all about brilliant content – so make sure you share only compelling, useful, entertaining or relevant content on your business Facebook page. Content is king in 2015 – your clients will appreciate your pieces of content that are really worth reading or watching.

4. Real-time communication – On Facebook, you can “speak” with your audience in real-time. This can help you immensely for gaining valuable feedback and insight for your business.

Facebook page for your business

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