Content marketing in 2015

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If you’re after long term digital marketing success, think of content marketing as your basic digital approach for 2015 – and you’ll be glad you started this year. 

Content marketing is not new, but it became increasingly important as online behavior changed in the last few years. Online users slowly become immune to traditional marketing approaches: they hate banners and pop-ups, they skip commercials and they don’t trust advertorials anymore.

Today’s customer is informed, demanding and curious. 

Focusing on your content marketing strategy means creating fresh, interesting content that targets your business, product and services, but targets our prospects need for information and even entertainment first. You are focusing on your clients needs through a targeted approach. 

When speaking about content, we also include video and audio pieces, not only text – although text can be the cheapest and the most reliable form of providing quality content to your prospects and clients.

Think at your content as a spider web. There’s your website content, then your professional blog, then your company’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn account. Your customers are following you everywhere and if you keep them interested, they will be coming back for more.

What does your client need to know about you and your products?

How can you keep them informed and entertained in the same time?

How can you explain him the basics of your business in a meaningful and entertaining way?

How can you provide useful information that targets their lifestyle, hobbies or problems?

content marketing

Every marketer should take a long, hard look at these questions. 

Let’s say you are marketing a fashion online store for women. Your content marketing can include blog articles about your customers’ interests, such as: fashion basic rules, what to wear according to your body type, the latest trends, how to combine the pieces that you’re selling with other pieces and many others. Also, the online fashion store should have a description page on every product, with all the relevant information your clients need for making an informed purchase.

And don’t forget about your brands’ story. Make it memorable, make it unique and mesmerizing and see how people start to love your brand!

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