Why is search engine optimization so huge for your business’ success?

Taking care of your search engine optimization strategy is a sure way to help your website rank high organically in search results for some specific, targeted keywords. A high ranking means more prospective customer attention, superior branding and, of course, more sales. From a ROI point of view, SEO done correctly is a very smart marketing move. 


Ranking in the first page is obviously the best case scenario, as the average prospective customer usually checks only the first 3-4 websites from the first page when he’s looking for products or services.

So being in the top 3-4 should be your priority and your business objective, even if you’ve opened your first start-up or you’re having a 20-year old business that has just entered the online jungle.

The reasons why you should invest in a great SEO strategy are multiple:

1. It’s very cost-effective when compared to other forms of traditional or online marketing. SEO is a long-term investment that may be cheaper and more profitable than PPC advertising, social media marketing, Google AdWords or leads purchasing from email marketing programs. Search engine optimization provides a good ROI and durable results, unlike AdWords, for example.

2. SEO helps you build a solid online presence that helps your positioning and branding tremendously, especially if you use SEO combined with a great content marketing strategy. SEO remains one of the basic tools for online marketing success. Your site optimization should be the bedrock of your online presence, even if more sophisticated online advertising methods become more and more accessible. Of course, the more tools you use for promoting your business, the better results you’ll have – the great news is that SEO blends great with any other form of digital marketing.

So don’t forget the basics. If you want a great online presence, focus on your websites rankings, build a powerful site that ranks naturally as one of the best in your niche and see your business exploding!  

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Content marketing in 2015

If you’re after long term digital marketing success, think of content marketing as your basic digital approach for 2015 – and you’ll be glad you started this year. 

Content marketing is not new, but it became increasingly important as online behavior changed in the last few years. Online users slowly become immune to traditional marketing approaches: they hate banners and pop-ups, they skip commercials and they don’t trust advertorials anymore.

Today’s customer is informed, demanding and curious. 

Focusing on your content marketing strategy means creating fresh, interesting content that targets your business, product and services, but targets our prospects need for information and even entertainment first. You are focusing on your clients needs through a targeted approach. 

When speaking about content, we also include video and audio pieces, not only text – although text can be the cheapest and the most reliable form of providing quality content to your prospects and clients.

Think at your content as a spider web. There’s your website content, then your professional blog, then your company’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn account. Your customers are following you everywhere and if you keep them interested, they will be coming back for more.

What does your client need to know about you and your products?

How can you keep them informed and entertained in the same time?

How can you explain him the basics of your business in a meaningful and entertaining way?

How can you provide useful information that targets their lifestyle, hobbies or problems?

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Every marketer should take a long, hard look at these questions. 

Let’s say you are marketing a fashion online store for women. Your content marketing can include blog articles about your customers’ interests, such as: fashion basic rules, what to wear according to your body type, the latest trends, how to combine the pieces that you’re selling with other pieces and many others. Also, the online fashion store should have a description page on every product, with all the relevant information your clients need for making an informed purchase.

And don’t forget about your brands’ story. Make it memorable, make it unique and mesmerizing and see how people start to love your brand!

Why are people so passionate about photography?

Photographs were first presented as an art form in 1830’s, but they became fully recognized about ten years later. 

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine our lives without our childhood or wedding photos or without a camera fully available for us through our smartphones.

The passion for photography is one of the largest shared hobbies of this world. The hardware alone has created a multi-billion industry, although not many people have heard about Camera Obscura, Shutter Speed or Henri Cartier-Bresson.

What makes people so fascinated by cameras and why does it seems like photography will never die?

Probably the common factor of the people who love cameras is their sensitivity that shapes the way they see the world. Taking pictures makes you look more closely to your surroundings, to seemingly unimportant details, often making you feel amazed and humbled. Taking photographs is a form of mindfulness, making you fully immersed in your work – and that’s a beautiful way to relax and disengage from daily stress.

A creative and skilled person can make an art form from almost anything: a leaf, a lake, a person or a city building. Sky is the limit of their imagination and the modern tools of photo-editing can transform almost any photograph into an artistic image with a clear concept or message.

The fact that photography can transform a plain ordinary surrounding into a marvelous form of art is something that amateurs and professionals are after. 

But when you’re not looking at the performance of your next shot, when you forget about showing off your beautiful pieces, something great is being revealed to you: that this world is beautiful in its every detail, crack and imperfection.

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About School For StartUps Romania

School for StartUps Romania (S4S) is the firs entrepreneurial school in Romania that aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs start successful businesses or grow the already existing ones.

School for Startups started in 2008 in the UK, at the initiative of D. Richard, serial entrepreneur and business angel investor. The over 10.000 startups in United Kingdom, which participated in School for StartUps United Kingdom, were joined this year (2012) by the first series of 170 students of School for Startups Romania (in Cluj Napoca and Bucharest), trained by Doug Richard and Marius Ghenea. With over 20 years experience in the development and management of technology and business software companies. Doug Richard has shown that entrepreneurship can and must be taught, giving participants real business lessons and practical methods for achieving succes in business. Thus, the largest community of entrepreneurs in Romania was foundedl S4S aims to become in 2012 the larges community of entrepreneurs in South-Eastern Europe, so the program will be held in Timisoara as well and it will address to entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe who are not Romania citizens, Therefore, in 2012 School for Startups will be held in 3 cities: Cluj Napoca, Timisoara and Bucharest.

S4S for startups is a one-year program which helps you in the initial risky stages of business where statistically you are more likely to fail. Over this period you will get tutoring, advice and guidance from D. Richard and Marius Ghenea and a host of guests speakers, who will help put your business on the right track.

school for startups RomaniaThe School for Startups is not like any other school program in the world. Is isn’t nout about classrooms. It is not about studying. S4s is not using textbooks. S4s is using a unique form of teaching called the Socratic Method which applies the key principies immediately to your idea business.

If you have not started yet your business, during this awesome program you will start and grow fast your business. If you are already develop your business, this program uses your business and helps you change it, make it much better, make it grow fast and make it more profitable.


Why do you need great content for your website?

We’re living in an online oriented business world, where having a great website can be more important than having an office.

While traditional advertising is slowly sinking because of its high costs and untargeted effect, digital marketing seems to be the only way to reach and engage your prospects in a highly profitable way.

The most important step in your online business journey should be building an online presence with amazing online content. Your content marketing strategy can be executed either in-house or can be outsourced to a company or a freelancer. Either way, you mustn’t skip this step. Here’s why:

1. You build credibility through great content

You show your prospects why your company has top service and expertise. What and how you say it are both important: you need to translate professional information in a way that’s engaging and helpful for any future customer.

2. You help your website grow organically in the search results.

Although SEO guidelines are changing from time to time, it’s obvious that the only constant rule is to build a relevant website targeting specific keywords.

The most relevant tool you can use is great, helpful content about the subject you’re after. This simply cannot go wrong, as Google algorithms become better and better at recognizing valuable content.

So fresh, unique, good quality content is the only way you ensure that your website is growing naturally in search engine rankings, without ever fearing that your result is temporary.

3. You help your prospects make informed decisions.

By presenting your products and services in an easy, yet detailed way, you help them to make the right decision about what product or service to buy. If what you’re selling is professionally described, clients will be much more inclined to trust you and choose you as their provider.

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Why do you need a Facebook page for your business?

Social Media marketing has become increasingly important for digital marketers since the number of active users reached an almost miraculous milestone: over 1,44 billion people are monthly active users of Facebook in 2015.
Here’s some compelling reasons to start engaging with your customers via Facebook:
1. Targeted communication – your Facebook fans are already people who tried or plan to try your product or service, so whenever you communicate via Facebook, you know you’re addressing to a targeted “fan base”. Also, your Ads can be customized to target only specific, targeted group of people.
2. Increase brand’s awareness and loyalty – with Facebook, people can check-in at your location, give you positive ratings, and interact with you on a daily basis via messaging or reply to your posts. It’s a real-time communication between the brand and the customer, which can make your business seem more approachable, friendly, open (depending on your branding’s objectives). Also, your fans can share and like your posts, thus spreading the word about your products or services with their group of friends. The increased brand’s awareness and loyalty through a smart crafted social media marketing plan will shortly lead to more customers.

3. More traffic, more customers, more sales – Facebook is a great way to complete your inbound marketing plan, by sharing your blogposts or web pages. Successful inbound marketing strategies are all about brilliant content – so make sure you share only compelling, useful, entertaining or relevant content on your business Facebook page. Content is king in 2015 – your clients will appreciate your pieces of content that are really worth reading or watching.

4. Real-time communication – On Facebook, you can “speak” with your audience in real-time. This can help you immensely for gaining valuable feedback and insight for your business.

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